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Tree Services
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Tree Services

The Natural Way is your one-stop solution for a wide range of tree services that cater to the well-being of your trees and the beauty of your landscape. From addressing the threat of Emerald Ash Borer to tree care, trimming, removal, and arborist consultation, we're your trusted partner in nurturing your trees and plants.

Emerald Ash Borer Treatment

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) is a formidable threat to ash trees, and it's a concern that every tree owner should take seriously. Our dedicated team is well-equipped to combat this invasive insect and safeguard your ash trees. We offer expert EAB treatment services that have been developed and refined to protect your trees effectively. Trust us to preserve the health and longevity of your ash trees.

Tree & Plant Care

Our commitment to tree and plant care goes beyond just addressing specific issues. We take a holistic approach to nurture the well-being of your trees and plants. Whether it's enhancing soil health, promoting root growth, or providing organic and locally sourced nutrients, we have a tailored program to ensure your landscape thrives and flourishes. Our expert arborists are here to guide you every step of the way.

Tree Trimming & Removal

Tree trimming and removal are essential components of maintaining a safe and visually appealing landscape. Our skilled professionals at The Natural Way excel in both aspects. We offer precise and careful tree trimming services to maintain the health and shape of your trees. In cases where removal is necessary, we execute the process with the utmost care and respect for your property.

Arborist Consultation

Are you seeking expert guidance for your trees and plants? Our certified arborists are here to assist you. Whether you have questions about tree health, species selection, or any other tree-related matter, we provide personalized arborist consultations to address your specific needs. Trust our knowledgeable professionals to offer valuable insights and solutions for your landscape.

Watering A Tree

  1.  Determine total gallons of water needed: multiply diameter (inches) by 10
  2.  Distribute water into fourths around the tree
  3.  If using a garden hose, it is most effective to limit flow capacity to 1/4 of full capacity
  4.  You can approximate water distrubuted through the spicket. 
    • Time how long it takes to fill a 5 gal. bucket at 1/4 flow capacity to do this.
    • You should mark the point on your valve where 1/4 flow can be consistently applied
    • Double the time needed to fill the 5 gal. bucket for 10 gals per inch diameter on the tree
  5.  The hose should be placed 1/3 of the way from the base of the tree to outer edge of the canopy (dripline)
  6. Water each quadrant around the tree for 1/4 of the total time needed.
  7. If runoff occurs, decrease your flow rate, or move the hose within the quadrant

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4.3 stars | 193 reviews
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