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Our Tree & Plant Care Philosophy

At The Natural Way, we understand the importance of a healthy and vibrant landscape. Like you, we cherish our homes, gardens, and the well-being of our pets and children. That's why we've developed a distinct approach to plant care that sets us apart in the industry.

A Greener Approach to Plant Care

We firmly believe that the indiscriminate broadcast spraying of plants is not an environmentally responsible choice. Traditional spraying methods tend to eliminate not only harmful pests but also beneficial insects that naturally keep the plant ecosystem in balance. This approach can lead to a cycle of escalating pesticide use and the development of resistance among harmful insects.
To address this issue, we've embraced a different philosophy: plant health care (PHC). Our licensed plant healthcare technicians take a meticulous approach. They conduct inspections before applying treatments, allowing us to minimize pesticide usage and focus on specific pest problems. This results in landscape enhancement while reducing insect pressures. We also use spreaders/stickers in all our sprays to improve effectiveness, decrease pesticide usage, and extend residual action. Furthermore, we periodically change our spray chemicals to prevent insects from developing resistance.

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The Organic Option

As part of our commitment to eco-friendly practices, we offer an Organic Plant Health Care Program unique to our industry. This monthly program employs various OMRI-labeled (Organic Materials Review Institute) products to keep harmful bugs in check while safeguarding the environment.

Root and Soil Health

We recognize that healthy roots are the foundation of healthy plants. Our plant nutrition program focuses on root and soil health, steering clear of the traditional "one-size-fits-all" approach. We provide organic sugars and other essential nutrients to plants, promoting a symbiotic relationship with soil organisms. Plant roots exude substances that these soil organisms use as food, improving soil aeration and nutrient availability for plants.
Unlike other companies that sell tree or plant fertilizer programs that primarily push vegetative growth, we take a different path. We don't refer to our nutrient program as a fertilizer because we aren't aiming to force excessive vegetative growth. Such growth can strain a plant's resources and have detrimental effects, including increased vulnerability to insect attacks, weak woody growth, and decreased disease resistance.

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4.3 stars | 193 reviews
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