Hello Summer!

As the temperatures heat up, insects reproduce. Aphids can increase their population rapidly as males are only produced in the 1st generation and after that all females are produced…and they are born pregnant! When aphid populations are high they can damage plants by extracting nutrient rich fluid from the tree, which they then excrete as “honeydew” that can coat cars, patio furniture, and hardscapes with a sticky layer that turns black as it is colonized by black molds. Leaf piercing, sucking, and chewing insects can become problematic and need controls at this time as well. Japanese beetle sprays that are bee-friendly should be done.

Lawns are treated throughout the summer to enhance appearance and health, and to remedy various fungus problems. Our environmentally-friendly lawn care program can keep your lawn healthy and green while remaining a safe place to play for your children and pets.

Colorado Summer Tree & Plant Care