Springtime in the Rockies!

Spring is time to preventatively treat trees for the season with systemic and spray insecticides as well as root injectected nutrient programs to increase their overall health and vigor. This is a busy time of the year as many treatment and preventative applications are more effective during this season, such as those for Emerald Ash Borer, Ash Lilac Borer, Ips and others.

As cool season aphids such as conifer aphids begin to be active, they can damage plants. Be on the lookout for signs of infestation. Fireblight controls such as trunk injectables and growth regulators are performed in the spring as well.

Finally, lawn applications begin in the spring for turf to break dormancy and “green-up.” If you have questions about the health of your lawn, plants, or trees, please give us a call!

Colorado Spring Tree & Plant Care